*Stud Service Information


STUD FEE $1500.00

We offer two payment options.

Option 1: $500.00 Stud Fee Deposit. Balance of $1000.00 due no later than 14 days post whelping of 3 or more live pups. There are no refunds of stud fee deposit or repeat breeding if no litter or only two surviving pups.

Option 2: Pay Fee Up Front and save.  We offer a $200.00 discount for those that pay the fee up front. So the total Stud Fee is $1300.00. Guarantee three or more live puppies at birth. If no litter or only two surviving pups, we offer a free repeat service that can be used on same bitch or another approved bitch owned by you within 2 years from original breeding.


We do require payment BEFORE we ship semen. We will EMAIL you an invoice. We accept check, venmo, $cashapp, zelle and credit/debit cards.

We offer:
Fresh Semen (Side by Side) (Current Brucellosis Required)
Fresh Extended (shipped directly to You or your Reproductive Veterinarian Specialist)
*Frozen (Shipped to your Reproduction Veterinarian Specialist) *only available on certain studs

PROGESTERONE TESTING required regardless of method used.

For Fresh Extended: We want to take the worries out of you having to deal with extender and boxes. As a courtesy, our stud fees will now include the cost of extender (up to TWO shipments). If a third shipment is required, we will charge $50.00. We will front you our boxes and just ask that you please return the boxes (just ship back USPS, FedEx or UPS Ground) asap. Each kit will include insemination pipette and syringe. 
Frozen: We will put you directly in contact with our Repro Specialist where our semen is stored so your Vet and our Vet can work together. All shipping, tank rental fees are your responsibility.  With Frozen, we can only do Option 2 for payment.

If Shipping Semen, you MUST have a FedEx account number. Unsure? Ask us and we will let you know how to get one.
Pictures of your bitch.
OFA Hips and Elbows
DNA testing for PRA.
If our boys are a carrier for any disease, your bitch must be DNA tested clear of that disease.
D-Locus test mandatory IF I am not familiar with your girl’s lineage. (I will let you know) once I have evaluated her pedigree.

We guarantee semen to be viable when it arrives (excluding FedEx transit failures) or your money back. We don’t consider paid until the semen is viable and has been placed IN your bitch! (We know how it is to be on the other end of RECEIVING semen). We want this breeding to happen just as much as YOU DO! Each breeding is a product of our reputation, breed commitment and our stud dog’s progeny (future generations) that will impact yours and hopefully others breeder’s success years down the road.




Pure Bred Labrador Retrievers DO NOT carry the dilute gene OR come in ANY color except Black, Chocolate and Yellow.

Ashland Labradors ARE all 100 percent free of the Dilute gene associated with the Weimador and Labraweimer crosses.