GCH. Ashland's Road Trip

Group placing, Multi Best Of Breed Winner

08/13/2012 ~ 11/02/2018


My buddy, my silly knuckle-head.  I will miss you and love you so!! 

Above: MYLES WINNING SPORTING GROUP 2 Under Judge Dana P. Cline. Expertly handled by Erin Hall.

Below: Myles winning another BOB over Specials. Owner/Handled.

Hips OFA~Good.  Elbows OFA~Clear.  Eyes: ACVO Yearly.  CARDIAC~ Cardiologist Clear.   PRA Carrier.   EIC Clear.
CNM Clear.   NARC Clear.  RD/OSD Clear.   HNPK Clear.  D-LOCUS Clear.


Myles pictured with his dam Tara 02/2016

Below:  Potomac 2015

Below @ 30 months. (Winter 2014)  Looks like he gained 20 pounds with his winter coat on!


*Notable Wins

03/20/2016 Louisville Kennel Club - Judge: Steven Kirschner (SELECT DOG) 2 pnts.
03/19/2016  Evansville Kennel Club - Judge: Mrs.Carol Jean Nelson (BEST OF BREED) 5 point Major.
03/18/2016 Louisville Kennel Club - Judge: Ms.Molly Bogan (SELECT DOG) 3 Pt Major.

03/10/2016  Nashville Kennel Club - Judge: Mrs Sulie Greendale-Paveza (SELECT DOG) 2pnts
03/11/2016 Tullahoma Kennel Club - Judge: Mrs Patricia V Trotter (BEST OF BREED) 5 Pt Major
03/12/2016 Nashville Kennel Club - Judge: Ms Beth Sweigart (BEST OF OP) 3 Pt Major
03/13/2016 Tullahoma Kennel Club - Judge: Mr Eric J Ringle (BEST OF BREED) 4 Pt Major

11/05/2015 Huntsville Kennel Club - Judge: Mrs Cindy C Lane - BEST OF BREED (3 Pt Major).
11/06/2015 Huntsville Kennel Club - Judge: Mr Norman L. Patton - (SELECT DOG)
11/07/2015 Decatur Kennel Club - Judge Mrs Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna (SELECT DOG)
11/08/2015 Decatur Kennel Club - Judge: Merth K Kipp - (BEST OF OP)
11/14/2015 - GARLC Specialty Day 1
Made Cut for Breed.
11/15/2015 GARLC Specialty Day 2
2nd Place Stud Dog Class.
Made Cut for Breed.

Below show record for AKC Championship.

05/30/15 Mississippi Valley Kennel Club. (Open Black) Judge: Ms. Nancy J. Gallant - (Best Of Winners) (Major Win)
05/29/15 Mississippi Valley KC. (Open Black) Judge: Mrs. Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna - (Reserve Winners Dog) (Major Reserve)

05/03/15 Jefferson Co. KC. (Open Black) Judge: Mrs Cindy Vogels - (Best Of Breed over Specials).
05/02/15 Spirit Of The Heartland KC.  (Open Black) Judge: Mr.James R White - (Best Of Breed over Specials).
04/18/15 Terre Haute KC. (Open Black) Judge: Mrs.Vicki L Abbott - (Best Of Winners)
04/17/15 Bloomington KC. (Open Black) Judge: Mrs Sue Goldberg - (Reserve Winners Dog)
04/16/15 Terre Haute KC. (Open Black) Judge: Dana P. Cline -  (Best of Breed over Specials).
(Sporting Group 2).
03/15/15 Louisville KC. (Open Black) Judge/Breeder: Shari M Kirschner (Big Sky Labradors) - (Best Of Winners) (Major Win).
03/13/15 Louisville KC. (Open Black)  Judge: Mrs Penny DiSiena - (Reserve Winners Dog) ( Major Reserve).
03/06/15 Tullahoma KC (Open Black) Judge: Ms. Linda C. More - (Best Of Winners).

04/06/14 Birmingham KC (Bred By Ex) Judge Dr. Alvin W. Krause (Winners Dog) Major broke by one
04/03/14 Tuscaloosa KC. (Bred By Ex) Judge: Patricia Taylor (Reserve Winners Dog) (Major Reserve).
03/09/14 Nashville KC (Bred By Ex) Judge: Mrs. Donna J. Buxton (Reserve Winners Dog).
03/07/14. Tullahoma KC. (Bred By Ex) Judge: Mr. William R. Russell - (Best Of Winners).

15 months of age.....

11/17/13. Greater Atlanta Labrador Retriever Specialty Show.  (Bred By Ex Black) Judge/Breeder Judy Heim (HySpire Labradors) (2nd).
11/16/13. Greater Atlanta Labrador Retriever Specialty Show. (Bred By Ex Black). Judge/Breeder Mrs. Lori K. Bentine (Tremont Labradors) (2nd).

As a puppy....

09/29/13.  Greater Murfreesboro KC.  (Bred By Ex) Judge: Ms. Patricia W. Laurens. (Best Of Breed).
09/28/13. Greater Murfreesboro KC. (Bred By Ex) Judge: Ms. Teresa L. Hundt - (Reserve Winners Dog).
03/10/13. Nashville Kennel Club (6-9 Puppy) Judge: Mr. Norman L. Patton. -  (Reserve Winners Dog).
03/09/14. Tullahoma KC. (6-9 Puppy) Judge: Mrs. Michelle L. Billings -  (Reserve Winners Dog).
03/08/13. Tullahoma KC. (6-9 Puppy) Judge: Ms. Charlotte Clem McGowen - (Reserve Winners Dog).
03/07/14. Nashville KC. (6-9 Puppy) Judge: Mr. Desmond J. Murphy (Reserve Winners Dog).