GCH. Ashland's Road Trip

Group placing, Multi Best Of Breed Winner

08/13/2012 ~ 11/02/2018

Myles was taken from us unexpectedly due to a fatal error in a Vet prescribing a medication that had severe adverse effects.  He was only 6 years old!   His pawprints live on in the many wonderful get he has produced in his short lifetime.  Thank you Myles for giving us wonderful memories & experiences. Thank you for bringing me so many new wonderful friends that I probably would have never meet if it had not been for you and thank you mostly for being my companion and stamping our program and others with your wonderful disposition and beautiful type.

My buddy, my silly knuckle-head.  I will miss you and love you so!! 

Above: MYLES WINNING SPORTING GROUP 2 Under Judge Dana P. Cline. Expertly handled by Erin Hall.

Below: Myles winning another BOB over Specials. Owner/Handled.

Hips OFA~Good.  Elbows OFA~Clear.  Eyes: ACVO Yearly.  CARDIAC~ Cardiologist Clear.   PRA Carrier.   EIC Clear.
CNM Clear.   NARC Clear.  RD/OSD Clear.   HNPK Clear.  D-LOCUS Clear.


Myles pictured with his dam Tara 02/2016

Below:  Potomac 2015

Below @ 30 months. (Winter 2014)  Looks like he gained 20 pounds with his winter coat on!


*Notable Wins

03/20/2016 Louisville Kennel Club - Judge: Steven Kirschner (SELECT DOG) 2 pnts.
03/19/2016  Evansville Kennel Club - Judge: Mrs.Carol Jean Nelson (BEST OF BREED) 5 point Major.
03/18/2016 Louisville Kennel Club - Judge: Ms.Molly Bogan (SELECT DOG) 3 Pt Major.

03/10/2016  Nashville Kennel Club - Judge: Mrs Sulie Greendale-Paveza (SELECT DOG) 2pnts
03/11/2016 Tullahoma Kennel Club - Judge: Mrs Patricia V Trotter (BEST OF BREED) 5 Pt Major
03/12/2016 Nashville Kennel Club - Judge: Ms Beth Sweigart (BEST OF OP) 3 Pt Major
03/13/2016 Tullahoma Kennel Club - Judge: Mr Eric J Ringle (BEST OF BREED) 4 Pt Major

11/05/2015 Huntsville Kennel Club - Judge: Mrs Cindy C Lane - BEST OF BREED (3 Pt Major).
11/06/2015 Huntsville Kennel Club - Judge: Mr Norman L. Patton - (SELECT DOG)
11/07/2015 Decatur Kennel Club - Judge Mrs Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna (SELECT DOG)
11/08/2015 Decatur Kennel Club - Judge: Merth K Kipp - (BEST OF OP)
11/14/2015 - GARLC Specialty Day 1
Made Cut for Breed.
11/15/2015 GARLC Specialty Day 2
2nd Place Stud Dog Class.
Made Cut for Breed.

Below show record for AKC Championship.

05/30/15 Mississippi Valley Kennel Club. (Open Black) Judge: Ms. Nancy J. Gallant - (Best Of Winners) (Major Win)
05/29/15 Mississippi Valley KC. (Open Black) Judge: Mrs. Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna - (Reserve Winners Dog) (Major Reserve)

05/03/15 Jefferson Co. KC. (Open Black) Judge: Mrs Cindy Vogels - (Best Of Breed over Specials).
05/02/15 Spirit Of The Heartland KC.  (Open Black) Judge: Mr.James R White - (Best Of Breed over Specials).
04/18/15 Terre Haute KC. (Open Black) Judge: Mrs.Vicki L Abbott - (Best Of Winners)
04/17/15 Bloomington KC. (Open Black) Judge: Mrs Sue Goldberg - (Reserve Winners Dog)
04/16/15 Terre Haute KC. (Open Black) Judge: Dana P. Cline -  (Best of Breed over Specials).
(Sporting Group 2).
03/15/15 Louisville KC. (Open Black) Judge/Breeder: Shari M Kirschner (Big Sky Labradors) - (Best Of Winners) (Major Win).
03/13/15 Louisville KC. (Open Black)  Judge: Mrs Penny DiSiena - (Reserve Winners Dog) ( Major Reserve).
03/06/15 Tullahoma KC (Open Black) Judge: Ms. Linda C. More - (Best Of Winners).

04/06/14 Birmingham KC (Bred By Ex) Judge Dr. Alvin W. Krause (Winners Dog) Major broke by one
04/03/14 Tuscaloosa KC. (Bred By Ex) Judge: Patricia Taylor (Reserve Winners Dog) (Major Reserve).
03/09/14 Nashville KC (Bred By Ex) Judge: Mrs. Donna J. Buxton (Reserve Winners Dog).
03/07/14. Tullahoma KC. (Bred By Ex) Judge: Mr. William R. Russell - (Best Of Winners).

15 months of age.....

11/17/13. Greater Atlanta Labrador Retriever Specialty Show.  (Bred By Ex Black) Judge/Breeder Judy Heim (HySpire Labradors) (2nd).
11/16/13. Greater Atlanta Labrador Retriever Specialty Show. (Bred By Ex Black). Judge/Breeder Mrs. Lori K. Bentine (Tremont Labradors) (2nd).

As a puppy....

09/29/13.  Greater Murfreesboro KC.  (Bred By Ex) Judge: Ms. Patricia W. Laurens. (Best Of Breed).
09/28/13. Greater Murfreesboro KC. (Bred By Ex) Judge: Ms. Teresa L. Hundt - (Reserve Winners Dog).
03/10/13. Nashville Kennel Club (6-9 Puppy) Judge: Mr. Norman L. Patton. -  (Reserve Winners Dog).
03/09/14. Tullahoma KC. (6-9 Puppy) Judge: Mrs. Michelle L. Billings -  (Reserve Winners Dog).
03/08/13. Tullahoma KC. (6-9 Puppy) Judge: Ms. Charlotte Clem McGowen - (Reserve Winners Dog).
03/07/14. Nashville KC. (6-9 Puppy) Judge: Mr. Desmond J. Murphy (Reserve Winners Dog).

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