Ashland Labradors doing what Labs do best....

There is a lot more to an Ashland Labrador Retriever than many folks get to see. Some say "Awe, those show dogs are just couch dogs".  Well, companionship IS after all our first priority BUT we can proudly say, our breeding program is much, much more than a fancy show dog. We are truly proud that our Ashland kids CAN do it all! 
Photos below are of Labradors bred by Ashland Labradors, owned by Ashland OR are photo's submitted by Ashland Lab Owners. NO photographs from this page or website may be shared, copied or reproduced with-out written permission from the owners.

Download the Labrador standard by visiting this link:

I have included a video speech of the Famous Labrador breeder and Judge Mary Roslin Williams on this page. Whether your interest in Labradors is for Field Trails, hunting, conformation or other, she has something for ALL of us to learn.  Listen to her wonderful words of wisdom.