Brandy is our up & coming dark yellow girl.

She has an infinite love of water and retrieving. Adores everyone she meets. 

We are excited to see what her future holds her at Ashland. 

We will be able to complete her health clearances in early 2022.


Ashland’s Apple Brandy

Blackfork’s Don’t Water Down My Whiskey

Stonehenge Ridge View Ben Written In Red

Tabatha’s Sunfest Eclipse

GCH.Tabatha’s Sunfest Hudson

Tabatha’s Sunshine

Tabatha’s Karmah O’ Stonehenge

CH.Tabatha’s Stonehenge Absolute

CH.Stonehenge Serendipity

Blackfork’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Penara’s Without Warning

Little River’s Redheaded Stranger

Penara’s Shenanigans CGC

Blackfork’s Trail Of Tears

Penara’s Blackform Amazin Cajun Tate

Steelheart’s Balreon Red Fern

CH. Pntd. Blackwing Mtn Meadow Trump

CH. Blackwing Baron At Mtn Meadow

Seawind Irish Brew At Blackwing

CH. Pnted.Ashland's Tiramisu

CH. Pntd. Jalin's Never Ending Affair

CH. Pntd. Ashland's Family Tradition

Owned & Bred By: Ashland Labradors/Teresa Gordy.

CH. Chase's Ashland Joint Venture

Owned By Teresa Gordy. Handled EXCLUSIVELY by: Erin Hall and Teresa Gordy

CH. Liberty Creek Sound Of Silence

Chase's Madame Madeleine

CH. Mtn Meadow Chimi

Owned by Ashland Labradors/Teresa Gordy. Handled By Erin Hall & Teresa Gordy. Bred By Pam & Gerald Harvey.

CH. Blackwing Baron At Mtn Meadow

Mtn Meadow Scarlett