Ashland's Tantalizing



Hips: OFA Excellent.  Elbows: OFA Normal
DNA Normal Clear FOR: PRA-PRCD, CNM, DM, HNPK, RD/OSD, SD2, NARC & D-Locus.
DNA Carrier FOR: EIC & Long Coat.
Eyes ACVO yearly
Heart Clear.
Color: eeBbDD
Full Dentition

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 Below. 08/2020


Zing (November 2017) 2.5 years.


Older pictures below


Below, Zing @ 18 months (Shown here with winter nose; Faded black pigment).

CH. Pntd. Blackwing Mtn Meadow Trump

CH. Blackwing Baron At Mtn Meadow

Blackwing Tally Ho

Seawind Irish Brew At Blackwing

BISS CH. Blackwing SuperFine

CH. Poppyfield Seawind Witchcraft

CH. Pnted.Ashland's Tiramisu

BISS GCH. Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive

CH. Hyspire Pippin' Hot

CH. Pntd. Jalin's Never Ending Affair

Jalin's Helen Of Troy

CH. Pntd. Ashland's Family Tradition

Owned & Bred By: Ashland Labradors/Teresa Gordy.

CH. Chase's Ashland Joint Venture

Owned By Teresa Gordy. Handled EXCLUSIVELY by: Erin Hall and Teresa Gordy

CH. Liberty Creek Sound Of Silence

Liberty Creek Abel Or Not

Liberty Creeks Southern Belle, TDI

Chase's Madame Madeleine

Liberty Creeks Broad Ridge, TDI

Chase's Mov'n On Up Mercedes

CH. Mtn Meadow Chimi

Owned by Ashland Labradors/Teresa Gordy. Handled By Erin Hall & Teresa Gordy. Bred By Pam & Gerald Harvey.

CH. Blackwing Baron At Mtn Meadow

NZ CH. Trendmaker's Tycoon

Blackwing Tally Ho

Mtn Meadow Scarlett

Mtn Meadown Champagne Pearl