The internet is NOT a safe place for your materials.

*New Feature*  Have YOU found our info elsewhere and wish to report it OR just want to voice your views.. Please do so at the bottom of our page. 


Unfortunately, the internet is just not a safe place for people wanting to share their pictures whether they have intellectual property rights or not.  
Photos are for sharing BUT NOT stealing.  
Then you have those that CANNOT find the "right words to say" so what do they do.....STEAL YOUR WORDS.

These "bottom feeders" are just lazy, corrupt individuals. If they cannot take their own pictures or write their own words.  So tell me then, why would anyone trust their character?  Why would anyone want to do business with them?

Anyone stealing our pictures or our text WITHOUT written permission, they will find themselves identified on this page WITH the pictures and screenshots of the text that they stole from me.  When they decide to remove the photos, text, etc their info will come off this page.
If you find someone with our photos or has copied our words, please send me an email or add the info below.

 We greatly appreciate all of those that have taken the time to contact us to report these individuals!


Sharyl Barnes just cannot control herself.  It is bad enough that the Info on her puppy page ( is MY puppy information sheet from 15 years ago with the exception of a few of her personal changes plus the B.S requirement where she makes you purchase a specific supplement in order to warranty her puppies (read her small print).

Now MOST RECENT 12/12/16 -  Below is a photo of my advertisement on the American Kennel Clubs Marketplace site with Sharyl's ad below mine. Again.....Plagiary at it's finest!!  Official Complaint submitted to the AKC so they can verify my ad was placed LONG before hers.  

*Update, 12/13/16 - She ever so slighty changed the text on her ad today. Still is NOT enough. 

Below Our Ad's I have copied side by side. As you can see she just copied and pasted my ad onto hers.
And then after exposing her, she does subtle changes as seen below (12/13/16)  What are your thoughts??


This person states on her web page the following:

. Both pictures were watermarked and photographer proofed by Ashland Labradors. She took possession of this dog on November 1st 2012.  The pictures are mine and represents the dog when I owned him. He no longer looks ANYTHING like the pictures below, therefore his owner needs to take HER OWN pictures of him in her OWN yard instead of stealing mine.  Facebook Page 12/17/2011 of "Vinny" on November 23rd, 2011 when I owned him.  The photos clearly show the wonderful condition (body and coat) he was in. These photos where uploaded to my Ashlandat my home These two pictures were taken

My response:
 I have the Original "uncropped" photos.  Yes, that's right. The photo's below were CROPPED by me to remove clutter from the background.  AND it's really SIMPLE....if I wanted her to use these pictures, why would she wait THREE years to post them to her facebook and website??  Three years....THREE YEARS!!

Stolen pictures have been cropped, watermarks and photographer signature removed. They appear on the following sites:


Comments and Reports 

We welcome you to add your comments or thoughts on people stealing photos and committing plagiarism of our materials.  Anyone wishing to report finding our materials on another site, please feel free to add links and info here. 
We appreciate all of the wonderful people that have taken the time to notify us and have otherwise been able to help us expose the truth!