"Updated 10/27/19

 In order for us to best address your inquiries, we would appreciate it if you'd take the time to read over our "Puppy Information Page" & our "FAQ's" page BEFORE contacting us. This way, we are not answering the same questions that have already been addressed here on our website.


Below one of our Ashland puppies sired by AM/MEX CH.Ashland's Taylor Made.


Current and Planned Litters


  • Anticipating pups to be born in December
  • Blacks, Chocolates and Yellows.
  • We will update this page once we have confirmed pups are indeed on the way (after mid-November) 


*We won’t accept advanced reservations for any litters not yet born and due to the large volume of inquiries asking us to “contact you back” or “keep us on your list”, we ask that you just check back to this page often. We don’t keep names or a list.  To better understand our process and policies, please read our FAQ’s and Puppy Information pages on this site.  Thank you!  


Ashland Labradors is officially recognized as a


Member Of:

Labrador Retrievers can only be "officially recognized" in THREE colors which are Black, Chocolate or Yellow. All others colors are indicative of mixed breeding. AKC papers DO NOT represent or should NOT be construed as a sign of quality of an individual animal OR BREEDER, nor is it a guarantee of a dog being of purebred origin. AKC is ONLY a registering body. AKC does not "Approve" "Certify" or "Endorse" any breeders. So if you see a breeder advertising "AKC Approved or AKC Certified" then call AKC customer service @ 919-233-9767 and ask them for verification.
We are honored to have been selected to as one of only two US AKC breeders of Merit to have contributed information for this lovely breed book.
This is a MUST have book for anyone looking to get a Labrador for the first time or all the way to Veteran Breeder!
Ashland Labradors has not, no will NOT received any monetary gain or royalties from this book.