Available Teens or Adults

We occasionally have an older pup and/or dog to become available.  Some are retirees from our program, others maybe for one reason or another did not measure up to our expectations as a show or working retriever, however rest assured any dog that is listed on this page is extremely well socialized, well trained and acclimated to children and other pets.  

Meet Boone!
Boone is a 3.5 year old neutered boy that we bred and had placed with a young couple when he was 6 months old. He was returned to us in May.  Upon his return, he was extremely obese, had very apparent skin and immune issues.  To see the amazing difference in this dogs health, weight, coat and behavior in less than two months indicates the neglect in taking proper care of him. 
I am looking for a devoted home for this truly amazing dog. He loves people, other dogs, cats, kids and life.  He enjoys morning and evening walks. He is fully Housebroken.  I do have a few requirements.  I feel Boone would be the perfect fit for an older home that has time just for HIM. He still has weight to loose, so understanding this and not feeling sorry for him by filling his food dish will only help him live a healthier and longer life. We’ve treated Boone WITHOUT the use of Antibiotics, Steroids and allergy shots.  We use a combo of conventional and holistic medicine  management with our dogs. Boone was clearly over- vaccinated, over medicated which partially lead to his issues.  Boone’s vaccines are ALL up to date (poor guy doesn’t need another vaccine in his life except for the mandatory rabies when due ).  He’s on a monthly heartworm preventative. 
Boone is gentle but can become insanely strong so he can easily pull someone off their feet if they are not paying attention as in the case when he sees another strange dog he wants to meet and play with (which we are working on).  For the most part he knows the basics such as sit, here, wait and we’re reinforcing basic commands everywhere we go, everyday. 
If interested in Boone, complete the application below. There IS an adoption fee. Please do not apply unless you are 100 percent committed to taking care of a dog that may relapse with skin issues.   He’s a living creature and his future health greatly depends on living in an enriched, caring  and loving environment.  In turn, he will give you many years of laughter and smiles. ♥️🐾


Please click here to submit the application *NOTE* this application does NOT apply to our puppies!  We delete submissions for puppies submitted on this form.  Submission is for older pups and adults listed on THIS PAGE ONLY. Thank you!


There is an adoption fee. Adoption Fees are based on dogs age and several other factors.
Expect to pay between $500.00 to $3000.00.    Sorry, but our dogs are not "free to good home" and they are not shelter dogs with unknown history or
We invest thousands of dollars into our dogs each year. We know their temperaments inside and out. WE thoroughly screen ALL applicants and WE decide which home is best suitable for our pets.  Our Labradors are healthy, they are loved, very well socialized, love people, pets, water, car rides, fetching...you name it!  They are trained, some are spayed or neutered before leaving us, they are heartworm negative and on a regular preventative program, they are fully vaccinated and microchipped. Many (depending on age) are also already screened and certified against breed specific diseases like Hip Dysplasia and PRA. Some may be retired Champions, some may have hunting or obedience titles and some may just have not met our expectations to be a future show or working dog. We do not breed every Labrador either, some may have been used in our program and many may have never sired or whelped a litter. 
Bottom Line....any dog we decide to place MUST go to the best possible home.  

The application below IS NOT for our planned litters.
Thank you!
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