Available Teens or Adults

"“We occasionally have an older pup and/or dog to become available.  Some are retirees from our program, others maybe for one reason or another did not measure up to our expectations as a show or working retriever, however rest assured any dog that is listed on this page is extremely well socialized, well trained and acclimated to children and other pets.  

Charity is a very special young lady whom we are seeking an equally special home for. She is now turning 6 months old. 
Charity was born with a Cleft Palate.  Unable to nurse, she had to be tube fed the first few weeks of her life. We were able to successfully transition her over to dry kibble where she has flourished.  
She is an AMAZING DOG. I mean AMAZING!! It’s going to crush me to part with her but I know she is meant to bring someone else comfort and joy whereas here she has to compete with many more four-legged family members. 
She does have special needs. She can never eat soft or tacky foods that can get stuck in her open palate. 
She cannot have toys with stuffing.  She can’t be left outside unsupervised. 
She occasionally will get kibble stuck in her palate. She can get sinus infections if something gets stuck in her palate and not removed.   She can’t chew on sticks or other items that break apart or splinter.  Most issues can be avoided if her owners are diligent in keeping her surroundings picked up.
We have consulted with a surgeon and were contemplating having surgery done, however after learning that the procedure is not 100 percent guaranteed to fix the Cleft and may have to be repeated. Then If successful, she can NEVER have chew toys or other hard items as it could easily puncture the palate. Because she has done so great and has no idea that she is different, we decided that it’s in her best interest to not persue surgery at this time. 
Charity is fully house trained. Obedience trained. Crate trained.  Loves to travel. A real gem. Loves kids. Gets along great with EVERYONE. Is fine with cats. NO BAD HABITS.  She is a dream. 
She is NO CHARGE to the right home. 
Phone interview preferred. References are a must if I don’t know you.  Complete the application below. I will follow up via email to set up a phone interview appointment. 

There is an adoption fee. Adoption Fees are based on dogs age and several other factors.
Expect to pay between $1500.00 to $3000.00.    Sorry, but our dogs are not "free to good home" and they are not shelter dogs with unknown history or
We invest thousands of dollars into our dogs each year. We know their temperaments inside and out. WE thoroughly screen ALL applicants and WE decide which home is best suitable for our pets.  Our Labradors are healthy, they are loved, very well socialized, love people, pets, water, car rides, fetching...you name it!  They are trained, some are spayed or neutered before leaving us, they are heartworm negative and on a regular preventative program, they are fully vaccinated and microchipped. Many (depending on age) are also already screened and certified against breed specific diseases like Hip Dysplasia and PRA. Some may be retired Champions, some may have hunting or obedience titles and some may just have not met our expectations to be a future show or working dog. We do not breed every Labrador either, some may have been used in our program and many may have never sired or whelped a litter. 

Bottom Line....any dog we decide to place MUST go to the best possible home.  

The application below IS NOT for our planned litters.
Thank you!